Are You On Clearance?


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram

After Christmas sales are usually a good thing, right?  I love clearance tags! Check out the deal I got below at Torrid; three pairs of pants and jewellery all for $35!!!


Yes, sales are usually a good thing but if you’ve been marking yourself down, the bargain bin is not where you should be nor deserve to be! People will treat you however way they think you want to be treated. If your confidence and self-esteem is low and you feel you are not worthy of anything good, then you will attract the kind of people who will treat you badly. When you start showing people that you are pleased and happy with who you are, then you will see that people will treat you differently, with more respect and kindness.

So pull yourself off the sale racks!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and put yourself behind the glass case where the expensive and luxurious merchandise go. That’s where you belong! 


4 thoughts on “Are You On Clearance?

  1. Karina Pinzon says:

    My confidence and self-esteem has been sinking lately, so I definitely need to keep working on valuing myself! It’s an ongoing project 🙂


    • Ena says:

      Sorry you’re feeling low about yourself! Positive body image and high self esteem is a life long journey! I’m here to help! Don’t give up the fight! You’re beautiful and worthy! Hugs! ❤️

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