Leave A Mark


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram. 

Christmas and the festive holiday season is a time when we should take extra care in being kind! Certainly, kindness is something that should be practiced year round but Christmas often causes people to be a little more vulnerable and in need of some extra love, thoughtfulness and kindness.

Be sure you are the person who leaves a mark meaning you’re the one whom someone will remember with fondness, the quiet acceptance, the extra measure of good deeds and the cheer you have shared throughout Christmas and the beginning of a new year.

Don’t be the person who left a scar with your uncharitable words, greedy nature, ignorance of those in need or self absorption. Don’t be the cause of family squabbles at the dinner table. Don’t be the spreader of gossip or unflattering comments at the staff Christmas party. Don’t be the one who ignores the hands reached out for extra help during the holidays.

Being a woman of faith I fall back on the old saying, “What would Jesus do?” If you’re not a particularly religious person, simply resort to what is human decency when conducting yourself in your words and actions during this special time of year.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and leave a mark on your loved ones or even strangers, that you’ll be proud of!




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