Be yourself, don’t hide, don’t be afraid, just do YOU!

Love this post and the video!


Hey guys,

A month or so ago a great old friend of mine tagged me in a video on Facebook, saying it reminded her of me and my body positivity! I couldn’t not share this with you guys, I LOVE it!

6 Things You Shouldn’t be Afraid of!  Watch this video, tell me what you think!


Everyone one, no matter their size or shape deserves to love themselves, feel comfortable in their own skin, be comfortable enough to not HIDE their bodies.  To eat whatever you want, to sit down, wear a bikini or take SELFIES! My family is alwayyyyss making fun of me for my selfies, or hey take a quick pic for me.  I brush it off, they don’t get it yet!

Share your thoughts, I hope this video reaches out to you guys as it did for me! ❤

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