All About Me and Christmas!


Today’s post is all about sharing Christmas facts about me. The inspiration and questions came from an Instagram post (which gave permission to share with friends). Enjoy getting to know me and my thoughts and favourite things about Christmas!


1. – the excitement of someone opening a gift on Christmas morning that they weren’t expecting but are absolutely thrilled with!


2.  I never really understood why this one was categorized as a Christmas movie but I love “Sound of Music” which is played on TV every Christmas. I also love all the children’s classics like “Rudolph”.


3.  – “Oh Holy Night” or “Mary Did You Know?”

4.  – real tree


5.  – of course I decorate!


6.  – snowmen


7.  Yay to gingerbread cookies!


8.  – ornament  made by my daughter in junior kindergarten

9.  – green

10.  – turkey dinner and attending church Christmas Eve



11. – cinnamon and apple cider

12. – carollers, yay!

13. – holly (love the pop of red amongst all the green)

14. – Frosty

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while you enjoy all the festivities and fun of the Holiday Season!

What would you answer to the questions above? 



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