No Money For Christmas Gifts?


Christmas is often the one time of the year when we show loved ones how much we care about them by giving thoughtful, well thought out gifts we know they’ll absolutely love! However, it can also be the most stressful time of the year when it comes to our wallet and bank account!

No money for gifts? No problem! Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are ones that only require a little imagination and your time. Below is a list of ideas that cost little to no money and will surely let your friends and family know you are thinking of them with love this holiday season. Simply write your gift idea in a card for them to redeem whenever they choose.

  1.  For anyone with children, offering to babysit for free on date night will surely put a smile on their faces.
  2. Help neighbours shovel snow on storm days.
  3. Cook dinner for busy professionals so the smell of a home cooked meal greets them after a long day at the office.
  4. Plan a family fun night; play games or watch movies. Have a sampling of everyone’s favourite snacks.
  5. If weather permits, have family fun outdoors: build a snowman, go sledding, make snow angels and follow it up with cups of hot chocolate or cider.
  6. Organize a craft night with your besties, perhaps working on a scrapbook, some adult colouring, learning to knit. Have simple snacks to munch and perhaps a bit of wine to keep creative juices flowing. Lots of $ stores have craft supplies to keep your evening low-budget.
  7. Offer to house sit, pet sit, water plants, collect mail or newspapers for any friends or family planning a vacation. Maybe put a few grocery essentials in the fridge or cupboard for their return home; milk, orange juice, fruit or cereal.
  8. Offer your love partner a romantic evening with a bubble bath and candles, a massage and some chocolate strawberries.
  9. Treat Mom ( or Dad) to a week (or two) off of house cleaning by offering your services as her/his short-term personal maid.
  10. Write “love” letters to those closest to your heart expressing what they mean to you and how important their presence in your life is. Include some fond memories or funny stories from your past together that you can talk about the next family/friend gathering.
  11.  Craft a gift; a Christmas tree ornament, picture frame, knitted mittens stuffed with a little candy? Put your talents to work!
  12. If you have a little money to spend, watch closely for sales, check the cheap movie bin at Walmart (add popcorn and voila, a great gift for a movie lover) or gift cards are good as you can pick the amount you want to give (add a little candy for a nice little package).
  13. Plan for next year by doing some Boxing Day shopping grabbing good deals for the next gift giving season.
  14. Lastly, if you choose to purchase a gift, even the smallest item looks great with  creative wrapping.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know that the best gift you can give is yourself; your time, your love and your kindness. Those things are worth far more than anything bought at a store! 

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