Body Insecurities

Well said though in Canada we’re not rocking the beach at this time of year! Lol

Beautifully Full-Figured

Hey Good People!

Let me say December is here and it is that time for THE BEACH!. Ladies are buying all sorts of bikinis and getting ready to rock the beach. Unfortunately for some of us with insecurities and low self-esteems, tend to demote ourselves that we can’t look beautiful, gorgeous & sexy in a bikini and at the same time, rock the beach with our fuller figures. I’ve been there and I’ve beaten those insecurities and that’s why I am going to buy a bikini for THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. I am planning on visiting Sun City (Located in North West province in South Africa), so that’s where I will be rocking my first bikini.


The following, are the ways of over-coming your body insecurities, “I’ve used some and they helped me a lot.”

  1. Learn to love your body-You should love every inch of your body, look…

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6 thoughts on “Body Insecurities

  1. queenbeefashionistablog says:

    My body is beach ready all year. Embrace your curves ladies! No more hiding under wraps and cover ups! Show off those beautiful curves…


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