This Is Me! Is It You?


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 (definitely Focused, Intelligent, Motivated and Cute) from Instagram. 

I have been travelling a journey that never should have been necessary. In an ideal world, everyone would be treated with respect. Everyone would have equal opportunities for success and fulfilling their dreams. Everyone would be loved, supported and always made to feel they are enough!

Sadly, this is not an ideal world. Instead of uniqueness being celebrated, many are ridiculed, ostracized and shamed.

I stand firm, focused and determined to have a voice and make it heard, saying being different is a good thing! I am motivated to help everyone understand that there is room for all kinds of beautiful in the world!

💕Be Pretty, Plus and Proud! Be focused, determined and motivated to be whoever you want to be. Know you are strong, intelligent, talented, worthy, good enough!  Oh, and cute too! I know this is me! Time to believe it is you! 


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