7 Daily Positivism

Good advice!

Inspired By Cherisha

1- Start each day with a Positive Thought

‘Self-talk’ to yourself that ‘I’m beautiful’, ‘I’m worth it’or ‘today is gonna be a good day’ will eventually uplifts your spirit into believing that those words are true. Always be sure to affirm ‘present tense’ words instead uttering past or future tense, because hey! You are living and breathing at the moment to it. Remember you guys, your thoughts become what you think and the mind receives your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “7 Daily Positivism

  1. lookfabkim says:

    This is so very true. I self-talk to myself and I even write letters to myself. It was away to get to the bottom of my true feelings and/or thoughts. It was something about putting it down on paper. Thanks and great post.


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