Award Nomination Suggestion

Recognition for my blog is a deep honour and one I do not take lightly. I am truly appreciative of all the awards I’ve been nominated for as well as all the positive feedback I receive from my followers!

However, I know of one nomination that I received, for which I never responded to. I had every intention of doing so but I am human and thus prone to mistakes and unfortunately made a big one when I accidentally deleted the information of where the nomination came from and the details of how to respond. For this I am truly sorry and if my nominator  is reading this I give you my most heartfelt apology!!

May I make a suggestion when it comes to award nominations:

*Make sure you inform the person you are nominating. I actually didn’t realize I had been nominated until I read my nominators blog post one day. I follow many blogs and can’t possibly read all of them every day. I try to read several each day and rotate frequently hoping to give everyone equal attention as I hope they do the same for me. In doing so, sometimes I may not be aware of special accolades until some time after they have been given. If you make a point of contacting the person you are nominating then he/she will be sure to give the attention such an honour deserves.*

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud but very sorry for my error. Please believe me when I say I did not intend to ignore this special honour. Thank you for understanding and forgiving my folly!  



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