Travelling In Style

Unfortunately I’m not talking about travelling in a private jet (though that would be very nice, sigh). Today’s post is addressing being stylish and fashionable while on the road or away from home. Traveling and staying stylish can sometimes be a challenge. It’s not easy to live out of your suitcase. Often, once I arrive to my destination I feel like I’ve brought totally the wrong clothes whether it be because of the weather or the activities I choose to participate in. However, there’s not much you can do about it unless you want to run out and purchase a whole new wardrobe (expensive and may require the buying of a new suitcase).

My solution: bring lots of comfort, a little bit of pizzaz and something to wear for any kind of weather. I tend to over pack but I figure it’s better than not bringing enough.

Pictured below are a few of the outfits I’ve chosen to wear while visiting family in NS. Hope these pics give you some ideas of what to pack for your next trip away from, home sweet home!


Forever 21+ sweater, Torrid boyfriend jeans 


Torrid jeggings, Addition Elle top


Torrid boyfriend jeans, Torrid top


Torrid jeggings, Sweater from Penningtons 


Torrid boyfriend jeans, top from Pennys in Ireland

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while being the most fashionable diva on the road, away from home! 



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