You Can Do Anything!!


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram

If I, pretty much a total stranger, believes in you, why can’t you believe in you? I know every person on this planet is capable of wonderous things! It only takes a small amount of courage to take that one step forward towards your dream.

Don’t wait for others to encourage you. Don’t wait until you’re skinnier. Don’t wait until the kids are grown. Seize the day and make it happen now!

If you believe, then anything is possible and probable! Don’t know exactly what to do? Look around, inspiration can be found anywhere!


Image courtesy of Dr. Cori from Instagram

I was inspired to do my blog by reading other bloggers and becoming more familiar with the body positive movement. I knew I enjoyed writing and I wanted to help women feel happier in their own skin so my inspiration led to a very satisfying and rewarding hobby. Writing not your thing? What about  painting, public speaking, photography, volunteer work? There are so many ways to help others while helping yourself in the same process. Look for inspiration by reading  blogs, books, magazines, watching YouTube, seek out clubs or organizations which can fuel a passion you’ve let lie dormant for far too long. Find a need and fill it.

I believe you can do unbelievable things and while making your own life more rewarding, enjoyable and satisfying, you may be making a mark in someone else’s life: in a way paying it forward if what you do inspires them to believe and do something remarkable too!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and believe in yourself! I believe in you! 


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