It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas!


As many of you know, I’m visiting with family in NS, Canada’s eastern province by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. This morning we woke up to this beautiful winter wonderland! It was a perfect day to stay in and have a lovely and leisurely Sunday.


However, my sister is not one to sit still for long and far surpasses me in her energy level. She had supper made and pancake mix ready to cook for breakfast before I even made it out of bed!

After fortifying ourselves with a hearty breakfast, we decided it was the ideal day to put up her Christmas tree. We prevailed upon my brother in-law to put the tree together which he lovingly did. Once assembled my sister and I did the fun part of transforming some plain green branches into the beautiful sight pictured below!


It was nice to be at my sister’s house at this time of year and help her with some decorating. Since we live many provinces apart, it’s been many years since we were able to share some of these typical family Christmas traditions. Maybe Christmas cookies are next? Yum!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and enjoy many of the fun traditions that makes Christmas and this festive holiday season so much fun! 

What are some of your favourite traditions of the season?


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