Why Do You Bother?


I suppose this quote is true in many ways. When we don’t feel confident or positive or happy in our own life, being in the presence of someone who is obviously so full of joy can be annoying. We pass the focus of our annoyance off by saying “That person is sickenly perky! How can anyone be that happy?”.

In reality we’re simply refusing to accept the true source of our annoyance; jealously, wishful thinking, longing for that same positive attitude.

If we were truly happy, full of self-love, confident and had high self esteem, someone else’s happiness and positivity wouldn’t bother us at all. We would only be pleased for them and wish them well.

So the next time someone perky and all smiles crosses your path, examine the reason for your annoyance. If there is something lacking or missing in your life that’s making it difficult for you to be truly happy, find the courage and way to change it. If it’s something that can’t be changed you must search for a way to accept it and move past it.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and try not to be bothered by someone else’s happiness. Concentrate on finding your own happiness! 


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