Rebellious Self-Love Challenge


Yes I am! For what you may ask? I have begun a new personal challenge journey that I discovered on Instagram. This particular challenge tagged #rebelliousselflovechallenge has been developed by blogger and woman extraordinare affectionately known as Margot Meanie.


Here’s how she describes herself on Instagram:


The challenge involves doing one activity a month to motivate and inspire you during the dreary winter weather. I did a bit of a boo-boo and did both  Day 1 and Day 2 already, lol! I guess I don’t follow instructions very well!


Here are the challenges:


Here is my Day 1 (selfie and information about me):


Day 2 (share an empowering book):


Not only is the book encouraging, empowering and inspiring but also humorous!

I look forward to doing the rest of the challenges (following instructions better) so keep an eye out next month for Day 3. Check out Margot on Instagram and her blog! Hope you decide to join the fun of this challenge! Let’s work together to chase the winter doldrums away and lift each other up in the process!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and try something new to bring growth and self-love to your life, starting today ! 








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