You Matter


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram. 

For those of us travelling on the self-love, body positive train, it’s often hard to keep in mind what we mean to our world; to those who love us, in our personal and even professional lives.

Don’t let that mind replay the same old message that you’ve been listening to for far too many years!

Replace it with your new mantra: “I am worthy. I am good enough. I matter. I am important and I am loved.” Say it over and over until you truly believe it. Say it in the morning when you get up. Let it be your first waking thought. Say it during the day when your mind is idle. Say it at night. Let it be your last thought before your head hits the pillow.

Be Pretty,Plus and Proud and don’t let that mind of yours play tricks on you! You are amazing! Go forth believing it!! 

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