Daily Reminders


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4. on Instagram. 

Every morning is a new opportunity for a great day. It is another chance to learn, grow, love, accept, embrace and, as Coach Sophia would say, it’s a time “to take life by the love handles and live your life now. Don’t wait until the weight is gone!” http://sophiaapostol.com

So when you wake up each morning, keep positivity at the forefront of your thoughts and remind yourself of all the potential each day holds. Remind yourself you are beautiful, amazing and capable of great things. Talk positive and look for the positive in every person you meet and every situation you encounter. Celebrate the things that make you unique. You are special and have an important role to play and void only you can fill. You can do anything you set your mind to and you have the confidence, talent and skills necessary to succeed and attain all the goals you have set for yourself.

If you can move forward through the day with these thoughts in mind you will Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and there will be no limit to who you can be or what you can do! 


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