Life Is Not A Competition


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram

Why do we as a society, in particular women, feel the need to be better than everyone else? Why do we pull others down to pull ourselves up? Why do we gossip about others, talking nasty words behind people’s backs? We compete and snuff out others’ light to make our own light shine brighter.

Sad and wrong!! Raining negativity on someone’s head does not reflect well on you. Even if you move up a ladder of professional or personal success at the expense of others, you will find it lonely and emotionally unsatisfying once you get to the top.

Let’s turn this thinking strategy around ladies. Be someone else’s support. Be a mentor. Be a source of strength. Love and teach each other. Applaud each other. Don’t judge. Don’t compete. Don’t compare. There is room for every woman, man or child to be successful. Everyone is worthy and deserving.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud. It is through helping and inspiring others that you will find happiness, joy and success in your own life! Isn’t that you want for yourself? For others? ❤️




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