Keeping It Simple When It Comes To Self-Love


Image courtesy of queenbeefashionista4 from Instagram

Sometimes all the suggestions, ideas, lessons and instructions used to motivate and inspire our self-love journeys become overwhelming. We don’t know where to start or what path to take that would work best for our own individual needs.

My advice is keep things simple especially if you’re at the beginning of your journey. So where do you start?

Start with what you say to yourself!

  • Acknowledge negative self-talk. We all do it probably more often than we think. Common examples: “I hate my big butt.” “I wish my stomach was flatter.”
  • Stop in your negative track and take some deep breaths.
  • Change negative talk into positive talk. Example: “My tummy is round and held within its womb a baby. I love what it has given me.” “My butt is sexy and fills out a pair of jeans rather nicely.” I am gentle and loving with myself.
  • Practice makes perfect! Every time a negative thought attempts to take over; stop, breath and replace negative with positive.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and keep it simple, loving yourself one small step at a time! 


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