My Plus Size Victory

Thoughts from a beautiful and young plus size woman!

Muuch Moore

Be a Young Plus Size girl made me feel like I was different from other young girls. Indeed, I could not get dressed the same way my friends did in terms of style because I thought that my curves didn’t allow me to have style or just wear a jeans or a swimsuit. My ideal in terms of beauty was everything that wasn’t “big”. I had used to be on diet every years but nothing changed, I was still me… Then one day I looked myself in the mirror and I decided to say STOP.

My life didn’t changed in one click but it was a process before accepting myself as I am. I started go out wearing jeans and tops, dresses and high heels, putting make-up on my face and I felt so GOOD.

This smile on my face today is the result of fights and victories over myself…

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