Curvy Confidence Boot Camp by Sarah Taylor – Part Three


Today’s third and final instalment is going to focus on Sarah’s support system that helped bring her dream to life! (


Pictured above with Sarah is Sophia Apostol. Here in her own words found on her website she describes what she does for plus size women and how she’s contributing to the body positive movement:


More details:



Some testimonials:



She is definitely someone that can help all of us on our journeys to self-acceptance and self-love! Meeting her in person, I immediately felt accepted, loved and comfortable like we had been friends forever; definitely a woman who’s making a difference in the lives of plus size women!

The Boot Camp event was also sponsored by Lindsay Tipping who has combined her love of fashion with her passion for helping plus size women look and feel their best! She generously donated a prize of $75 off a purchase from “With Love Canada”; a home based party business where plus size women can shop for beautiful and trendy clothing in the comfort of their own home. Check out the website for more information

Last but not least, where would many of us be without the love and support of our mothers? Sarah is no  exception. Her mother was present to cheer her daughter on and watched with obvious pride the confidence and beauty of her talented daughter. I would say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Her mother was a charming and warm woman helping to create the safe haven that made an event like this such a success where women felt comfortable to share their stories and engage themselves in the total experience.


Thank you to all these beautiful ladies,  including our fearless leader Sarah, for sharing your time, your talents, your journeys and your passion for helping plus size women be the best version of themselves. You lead by example what it means to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud! 




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