Stay Positive


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It’s often easier said than done to be positive in the face of negativity. I know for myself, I am someone who’s easily influenced by other people’s moods. If I am around happy people, I am more likely to be happy myself. If I started off in a bad mood, immersing myself amongst happy people, generally lifts my mood from the doldrums.

If I am in the company of people who are grumpy, complaining or just plain negative, I find my own mood deflating.

My emotions have always been very close to the surface. I cry at silly commercials, my feelings tend to be hurt easily and I’m quick to anger if I feel I’m being treated unfairly or rudely.

This is a part of my personality that I struggle to improve upon daily. I am trying to understand that criticism is an opportunity for learning. I’ve come to accept that crying and letting emotion out is better for my mental health than keeping it bottled up inside. Finally, I’m trying not to let other people’s rude or offensive remarks anger me, remembering that what they say reflects who they are. Likewise, how I choose to respond reflects who I am as well.

So Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and turn the frown upside down and smile even when it seems like the hardest thing to do! Your smile may be the small tipping point, helping to turn someone’s day from negative to positive! 


16 thoughts on “Stay Positive

  1. Paula says:

    OMG, I just read your article and I also looked at others of your articles and I am just so proud and I encourage you continue! Being a young African plus size girl, I am so so so proud when I see strong women like you because it’s you who are inspiring us (the youth) to be who we are and stay positive. I started my blog on Friday last week and I would like you to check it and give me some advice. Thank you so much for your writing.


  2. Codie says:

    Ugh, so short and sweet, yet terribly necessary to talk about. As I was reading your post I found myself thinking that you’re just like my mom! Her emotions are very close to the surface and she’s emotional over many things, which makes for an interesting household since I’m the exact opposite. I don’t like showing emotion and it’s hard for me to express myself emotionally, but no matter how you’re affected by people, it’s always important to never let other people’s negativity and judgment control you. Love this post!


    • Ena says:

      Good to hear from you Cody! Thanks for your comment! I’ll take the comparison to your mom as a compliment as she must be great since she raised you! I’m glad you liked this post!

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