Have A Day Full Of Sparkle


My wish is for you, my loyal and beautiful followers, is that every day is full of joy and sparkle!

Fridays though hold special meaning. For many of us, Fridays signal the end of a busy and often exhausting work week.  We’ve sprung out of bed to the shrill noise of an alarm clock. We’ve packed lunches, planned meals, bought the groceries, balanced the bank account, been the taxi driver to piano lessons, ballet classes and soccer practices. We’ve helped with homework assignments, coped with the never-ending pile of dirty laundry, been the attentive wife/partner, taken the dog out for walks, washed dishes, cleaned floors, dusted shelves and when the list of chores comes to an end, it starts all over again!

Friday is the day I put a hault to the madness. Friday, find your own dinner or order take out. Do your own laundry, leave your room a mess, find a friend to help with the homework, assign dog walking duty to someone else and quite frankly, don’t expect me to do anything resembling work! Friday signals the beginning of sleeping in, fun family time and hopefully some self-care to charge up the batteries for the next week.

So Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and may your Friday sparkle with the promise of a fabulous and rejuvenating time by yourself or with those you love; family and friends! 


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