Turn On The Light


Life can be difficult, no doubt about that! Everyone has struggles and each person’s story is unique. Some suffer more than others which can sometimes feel unfair. The important thing to remember is because everyone’s struggle is their own, no one problem is worse or less important than another.

Some of us can deal with our issues on our own. Many of us need help and there is no shame in that! Everyone deserves peace and happiness and should do whatever it takes to achieve that. Enlist the help of friends and family if they are the nurturing and supportive type. If not, seek help elsewhere in the form of therapists, life coaches, support groups, self-help books, workshops or seminars.

Accept and embrace your issues but don’t settle into the idea that this is all you deserve. You are beautiful, amazing and worthy of a life of joy!

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of attending a Curvy Confidence Boot Camp which is exactly the kind of event you should seek out if your issues are low self-esteem and self-hate. (Check out some recent posts I wrote outlining the details of what this event was all about.) The Boot Camp, led by plus model Sarah Taylor and sponsored by life coach Sophia Apostol and With Love clothing consultant Lindsay Tipping, certainly helped me on my journey of loving who I am as I am.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and turn on the light to find the happiness you so richly deserve! 







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