Curvy Confident Boot Camp With Sarah Taylor – Part Two

Let me start off by apologizing for my MIA. My computer is giving me trouble. I was hoping to get the problem fixed quickly but that isn’t happening so here I am plugging away on my phone! See how much I love you, my followers! I’m willing to tap away on my phone and get thumb muscle cramps to get a post out for you, lol! Forgive any errors you may see!  On with today’s topic:

For those who missed part one of my review of the Curvy Confident Boot Camp with Sarah Taylor, I strongly encourage you read it before continuing with this post. I covered some of the activities Sarah led us through to encourage and develop positive self image.


Today I’m going to highlight some of Sarah’s key points that helped foster her growth during her journey to self-love. She graciously shared her insights with the group of women eager to begin or continue their own journeys to accepting, embracing and loving who they are without feeling the need to change or conform to society’s definition of beauty. I was honoured to be part of such a beautiful group of women.


Sarah’s Advice to Get To A Place Of Self-Love: 

  1.  Light is one step away! (My favourite quote)
  2. Our thoughts become our truth. Every thought is creating our future.
  3. It’s easy to be in bad situations when you don’t see the beauty within.
  4. Rock bottom is the solid foundation on which you can rebuild your life.
  5. Never let fear decide your future.
  6. Dreams can come true when you love and believe in yourself.
  7. Live an authentic life.
  8. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about being skinny.
  9. Make decisions for the right reasons.
  10. Everyone’s story is different so don’t compare yourself to others.
  11. Foster positive relationships.
  12.  Make your own choices, doing what you think is right for you. Don’t base your choices on someone else’s opinions for your life.
  13. Be true to yourself.
  14. Fill yourself with positive.
  15. Dream bigger!

There’ll be at least one more instalment of this motivational meet up. In the mean time Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of the skin you are in! 

Learn more about Sarah from her website





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