Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Many weeks I don’t have much to do other than house cleaning and blog writing. This week has proven to be the exception. Here’s the rundown of the week I’m having:

  • Monday: Quiet, thank goodness! I needed to rest for the week ahead.
  • Tuesday: Got my nails done, regular blood work checkup and Toronto in the evening for Curvy Confident Boot camp led by plus model Sarah Taylor (more on that very soon).
  • Wednesday: Lunch with a friend, pick daughter up from school to take her to the dentist and then out to dinner with friends.
  • Thursday: Six month checkup with my neurologist in Toronto.
  • Friday: Starbucks date with a friend, pick daughter up from school and evening out with a friend.

Yikes! With a week like this I haven’t even had time to write any blog posts! When it rains it pours as the old saying goes; all or nothing, lol! I’m not complaining as it’s been a fun week! I’ve enjoyed getting out of the house but I have missed you my readers!

Can’t wait to get my post done on the Boot camp I attended Tuesday! Keep an eye out for that! Until then Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and enjoy life from the outside not inside looking out the window! 

What have you been up to this week? 


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

  1. Margaret Publicover says:

    Wow! You sure had a busy week. Hope all went well with your checkup. Missing Carol she went home Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend.


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