Your Journey Is Your Choice

A lot of people have the mindset that they have to be busy and productive all the time, otherwise they have wasted precious time doing nothing. They feel they must have something to show to prove they are productive and successful members of society. Women in particular, I feel, have to show they can juggle many hats at once and be good at all of them. Women are being pressured to feel that they can be good wives and mothers at the same time as managing a demanding career. Some women may indeed be able to juggle all these roles well but a woman should never be pressured into dividing her time in such a way if she feels that is not the road for her.

If a woman does choose to try her hand at being a wife, mother and career woman, she should be okay if every once in a while one of those jobs doesn’t get done as well as she would like. It’s okay to feed the kids McDonald’s occasionally if you had a deadline at work and forgot to pull chicken out of the freezer. It’s okay if the family is pulling clean clothes out of a laundry basket instead of dresser drawers because there wasn’t time to put the laundry away. It’s certainly okay to delegate some of the work at home. Teach the kids to put their own laundry away (don’t get upset if everything isn’t folded just right). Kids can learn to cook simple meals (think microwave or toaster oven). Older children can certainly learn how to use the washing machine. Give up some of the control of these tasks and not only will you have less stress, your kids will learn some much-needed life skills. And where are the husbands or partners in all of this? They probably have demanding jobs too but if your relationship is fifty-fifty as it should be, make sure they are taking on jobs at home too!

For the woman who chooses the road of wife and mother without a job outside the home, never feel you are an unproductive citizen. Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You are a nurse, teacher, chauffeur, scheduler, cook, maid, event planner, cleaner, mender and so much more. You are never “just” a Mom! If you choose to stay home with children don’t pass up the role of teaching them independence. They can still learn to cook, clean and do laundry under your watchful eye.

The point I’m attempting to make is that whatever road you choose (wife, mother or career woman), it is your choice. Like anything in life, don’t do something because of pressure from society, friends or family. Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect at everything either. You are human and can only do so much. Every now and then you’ll drop the ball on one of your roles and that’s okay. Rest assured you are doing your best and that is good enough!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and you are amazing no matter which road you travel on through life!


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