Lazy Days Are Okay Days!

Yesterday was busy; laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning out the fridge, cooking dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. Today, not so much. In fact I did nothing at all except write my blog posts. Does this make me a bad person? Some may think so. Some may think me lazy. That’s okay, I was lazy today and it felt good. Other people do not occupy my body. Nobody knows how my body feels and what it needs on a daily basis. Yesterday my body felt strong and energetic. Today my body is tired. I do what I can when I feel up to it. When I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t. I listen to my body and do what it asks of me. That does not make me a bad person or permanently lazy.

You do not have to justify what you do or don’t do with your time or how you choose to spend your day. I actually think people need more down time or lazy days. Our society is too busy and too stressed. Slow down and relax once in a while. It’s good for your mental and emotional health. Sleeping until 10 or reading a good book in the sun all day are not things that define who you are as a person nor will you they hurt you. Slow down and listen to your body’s request for a rest.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and lazy (every now and then). Lazy days are good days!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Days Are Okay Days!

  1. Up and Down the Rabbit Hole says:

    Absolutely, everyone feels guilty for having a ‘lazy’ day but its actually imperatively important for our healths. An animal does not care for stopping and the ‘lazy’ is actually a survival necessity, keeping you sharp, healthy and ready for being able to have enough energy to get the next meal. Its also important for those who struggle. Not sure if you may find this a useful read but thought I would share xx- How to deal with the anxiety attack hangover…..G8 article from Get the Gloss Magazine Love Up and Down the Rabbit Hole xx
    For the Ups and Downs of Life x


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