Everyone needs support, even these classic Halloween characters!

Halloween is fast approaching; that time of year when kids dress up in costume and go door to door asking for more candy then they can possibly eat! The leftovers no one wants even Dad (who, when I was a little girl got all the licorice because none of us liked licorice) sit in a bag tempting us and calling out our name to eat even though we don’t really like it, lol!

Halloween was never my favourite holiday as I didn’t really like dressing up, even less so now that I’m an adult. Am I sounding too bah humbug? I guess part of the problem is finding nice costumes that fit my little plus size figure. I think, though, the problem has been solved by none other than my favourite store, Torrid! Yes, they have come to the rescue once more by providing costumes us plus size ladies can fit in to and totally rock the Halloween parties and trick or treating events. You can choose to be cute (like a kitty), scary (think wicked witch) or pretty as a princess (everyone’s favourite, Cinderella).

Check out the costumes below (I’ve included the US price listed on the website) or take a peek at Torrid’s website ( for more costume selection (costume packages do not include footwear, tights or accessories, see website for full costume details):


Be a flower child! Peace! ($45)


Captain of the high seas! ($55)


Get batty! ($60)


Wicked wench! ($50)


Meow! ($50)


Classic witch! (hat $20; top $48.90; leggings $34.90)

Still not convinced a costume is for you? You can still get into the spirit of the holiday sporting a cute Halloween T-shirt!











Most of these items are online purchases only so check them out and plan your order before Halloween has come and gone. A good way to reduce your shipping costs is to find a friend who might also be interested in participating in the fun; then you can split the costs and still be cute or scary for the spookiest day of the year!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud (or scary)! Happy Halloween! BOOOOO!!! 

What are you planning to wear this Halloween? Where do you buy your coatume or do you make it yourself?


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