Yes You Can!



We all have moments of self-doubt especially if we have experienced body shaming because of our size or shape. We think we couldn’t possibly be smart enough, creative enough, strong enough, talented enough, resourceful enough or powerful enough to achieve our dreams. Many of us settle for jobs that are less than what we deserve or are capable of doing simply because we choose to believe the devil in our head that says we can’t. Maybe the devil that says you can’t isn’t just in your head. Maybe the negativity comes from people around you; so-called friends, family or co-workers.

Some of us settle for life partners who treat us badly. We think so little of ourselves that we decide we are not worthy of a kind, gentle, loving husband/wife/partner. Maybe we’ve been so beaten down by other people’s ridicule of our looks that we convince ourselves that no one could possibly fall in love with someone who is “fat”. Instead we subject ourselves to emotional, mental or physical abuse because the devil in our head tells us that’s all we can or should expect.

The great ideas in your head have been suffocated by the voices that say you can’t possibly be serious. People have laughed at your attempts to do things that “big” girls don’t usually do or have been persuaded not to do their whole lives. Why would you think that you can do it, when all you’ve ever heard is you can’t?

I’m here today to say, “YES YOU CAN!!!!!” You can do anything you want to do. You can climb a mountain, run a marathon, be the CEO of a corporation, be the researcher who finds a cure for cancer, be the stay at home who home schools her children. You can be a model on the runways of New York, star in a movie or design clothing every woman of every size or shape can wear. Whatever dream, idea, invention, thought, wish, desire or vision inside of you, can come out! Unleash it and be the awesome woman you were always meant to be.

Image above courtesy of Instagram account queen bee fashionista4.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and never let anyone dull the shine on your tiara!


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