Dear Body…


Image from Instagram used with permission from queenbeefashionista4.

I love this image because it speaks the truth. It tells us something we’ve not been willing to hear, understand or accept for most of our lives. Who decided it was best for everyone to be a copy of everything we see on social media, TV, movies or magazines? Who holds that power over us? The truth is we do it to ourselves by reading it, signing up for diet plans, starving ourselves or working out at the gym until we are a mere shadow of ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with healthy eating, working out or following social media. The problem begins when we start hating who we are because of the pressure to be different than who we are. It’s okay to desire change but only if it comes from a place of love. You are already good enough and worthy.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and only change if you want to not because you feel you have to! Your body is not a problem that needs fixing!


6 thoughts on “Dear Body…

  1. Lovey says:

    So true. We have been made to “Learn” and “Accept” ridiculous beauty standards set by society. They play no role whatsoever in our life. There are bigger things in life to deal with rather than just things that don’t matter. We are only supposed to be clean, hygienic and healthy. That’s what is important and not something we are exposed to all the fucking time. It’s a beautiful post. 🙂

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