Be Yourself, Like Yourself!


Image used with permission from Instagram; queenbeefashionista4.

Exactly! Remember the days you so badly wanted people to like you; you would do almost anything to fit in somewhere. Some of us probably did some really stupid things; smoking, drinking, drugs or casual sex. Some may have done very dangerous things; development of eating disorders or criminal activity. While I certainly didn’t go to any of these extremes, I nonetheless tried to mold myself into what everyone else was, so I could fit in to their world.

What I should have been doing was just be myself and inspire others to want to be part of my world. The stupidity of youth! Now, older and wiser, I know it is better to just be yourself and like who you are. It’s much less work to be authentic than to be constantly trying to be different from who you really are. Embrace and accept all your faults, your quirky habits and your unique beauty. Let people into your circle who appreciate and love you for simply being yourself.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud to be you. Wake up to impress yourself, not the whole world! If the whole world doesn’t like you, it’s their problem, not yours!


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