Be A Butterfly!


Image used with permission from Instagram account, queenbeefashionista4.

Becoming body positive is a process much like that of the caterpillar changing into a butterfly. We start off small and hesitant, not very confidant or sure of ourselves. We are not yet aware of our potential, of all we can be. The caterpillar makes its cocoon, working and waiting for great things to happen. On our journey to loving ourselves we change, learn and grow. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon; beautiful, confident and ready to fly into a new world. As you travel your road, you will come to accept and embrace the unique beauty that you are. You will find your wings and fly; achieving great things. Each butterfly is different; no two are the same. Each woman is different and no two are the same. Individually, each woman is amazing!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be the butterfly; find your wings and fly!


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