Thigh Society Product Review!


This is my first “sponsored” product review, yay!! I entered a Thigh Society contest; didn’t win but was asked if they were to send me a pair of their panty shorts would I do a review on my blog. Of course I said yes so here is my review:

What are panty shorts you may be asking yourself? The panty shorts can be found in many plus size outlets but Thigh Society panty shorts boast many features not available from other retailers. First of all panty shorts are longer legged underwear meant to be worn under a dress or skirt. Their job is to prevent thigh chafing or “chub rub” when you are wearing skirts or dresses without nylons or tights. This is a problem many curvy women experience especially in the hot days of summer.

Thigh Society’s panty shorts are not shapewear so they can be worn comfortably; lots of stretch that gently hug your curves. They are sleek and without tags so no panty lines showing or itchy tags bothering you. The material is soft and moisture wicking keeping you dry and cool. They are available in two styles; mid-rise or high-waisted and in two colours; nude or black.  The best part is they are made right here in Canada so you’re supporting Canadian made products. The website lists the cost in USD which is $34.00 per pair and offers free shipping on orders $75 or more. They are available in boutique shops across Canada so if there is a shop near you I would definitely check them out in store.


I tried them on and wore them around the house for a while to get an idea of how they fit and feel. Loved them! They fit true to size; I ordered the L/XL which is about a 16/18. They were comfortable, not too tight and definitely put a stop to thigh chafing. While it’s getting a little cool now to wear skirts or dresses with bare legs, I will definitely be sporting these panty shorts next summer!


Check out their website for more information about size, style and where can they can be bought in store. I may have gotten a free pair to do this review but my opinions are true and honest (I wouldn’t steer my readers in the wrong direction).

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and put a stop to your “chub rub” with a great pair of panty shorts from Thigh Society! Thank you to Thigh Society for the opportunity to do this review and support of my blog!


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