Torrid In The Dressing Room and Haute Cash Time!

Time to start redeeming your Haute Cash ladies! Never been to Torrid and don’t have any idea of what I’m talking about? How could this be? Haute Cash gives you $25 off of a $50 purchase. Deals are ready and waiting for you!

I was in the new Oshawa store today with a new shopping buddy I met on opening day. Torrid isn’t just for shopping; it’s a social thing! You get to meet other fashionistas and Torrid lovers. You can share your obsession/passion for Torrid and all its wonderfulness (don’t know if that’s a real word but I’m using it anyway)! I also had the extreme pleasure of meeting Torrid’s District Manager, Shannon! She recognized my name on the fitting room door and came out to the floor to introduce herself and meet “the Ena” (lol, she reads my blog and sees the comments I post on FaceBook about Torrid). Shannon graciously agreed to pose for a picture with me so thanks Shannon!


Torrid District Manager, Shannon graciously accepted my request to pose for a picture!

I know I talk a lot about Torrid but to me it is more than a clothing store. It is a driving force in the body positive movement. It is a place that has helped thousands of women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin; for many, the first time they have ever felt confident and happy with the way the world sees them. When a plus size woman walks into a Torrid store, she is met with respect and admiration for everything she is and because of that she sees the potential in herself for everything she can be; finally she is good enough!

I tried on some new pieces and of course redeemed some Haute Cash to save some money on beautiful additions to my closet. I know I owe my followers/viewers a Haul video and believe me it is in the works. Until then, enjoy the pictures below. Hopefully, you see something you can’t live without and plan a trip to your nearest Torrid store or to your computer for some Torrid online shopping!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and treat yourself to a new Fall outfit! You know you want to and I know you deserve it!


Bought this one, so cute!


Bought this one too, more cuteness!


This is cute with all the little skulls but believe it or not (I love skulls as many of you know) I didn’t buy this one.


I loved this one but a size 2 would have felt more comfortable and the store was out of that size.


Beautiful colour but passed on this one too.

Stay tuned for the haul video on my YouTube channel!


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