Ireland Vacation – Post #8 – The End!

We concluded our trip where we began, in Dublin. We enjoyed one more stay in a castle; Clontarf Castle Hotel. While our room wasn’t quite as luxurious as the first castle stay, the interior reception rooms and restaurants were beautiful and again we felt like royalty.


The exterior of Clontarf Castle.


The original castle wall in what is now the reception/front lobby.


Original staircase and stained glass window.


My Knights, one is shining armor and the other not, lol.


I need one of these chairs in my house!

We spent our last evening strolling the streets of Dublin. We were lucky it was a lovely evening to enjoy the end of our Ireland trip.


A pedestrian shopping area.


My favourite UK shop – great prices and cute stuff in my size!


Entrance gate to the beautiful St. Stephen’s Green – a park in city center.


A lovely pond in the park.


A bridge spanning between the city and a lovely view on a beautiful evening; our last.

I definitely felt Pretty, Plus and Proud on more than one occasion throughout our tour of Ireland especially in the castles. Every woman is a Queen and should have a throne upon which to be spoiled!


Wish this lovely piece of furniture could have fit in my suitcase!


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