You’re Not Built To Be Perfect


When I was young and in elementary school I was a bit of a perfectionist. I wanted to get the perfect mark in all my tests and projects. I wanted the big 100% written in bold red pen at the top of all my papers. Going in junior high and high school, I still wanted perfect school work but the emphasis had changed to focus more on trying to change myself into my idea of perfect; the best clothes, nice hairstyle, makeup just so and friendship with the popular crowd. I didn’t always achieve perfection in my school assignments but I was certainly more successful in that category then in being the perfect popular girl. Thus began my descent into my negative body image.


It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally given up on that notion of perfection. I know that by simply being human I am not designed to be perfect. It is a fruitless journey and an unrealistic expectation to strive for perfection. You can be beautiful, talented, kind, generous, loving, strong, smart or successful but you will never be perfect. Every day you make mistakes from something as simple as forgetting to say thank you to losing patience with your kids to cheating on a test. We are all guilty and that’s okay. You are still amazing!

You have curves, lumps, bumps, scars and you are amazing! You have been hurt, you’ve been hard on yourself and you’ve experienced failures. You’ve also accomplished great things, been loved and experienced success in many of life’s endeavours. You are still and will always be amazing!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud, not perfect but wonderful just the same!


All images used with permission from Instagram account queenbeefashionista4. Thank you my beautiful friend!





10 thoughts on “You’re Not Built To Be Perfect

      • Michelle Finley says:

        You are welcome Gorgeous! I had a chance to get caught up. I am so happy that I inspire you. You empower me as well. I enjoy your posts 😍😘💋


      • rfdumais says:

        It’s so nice to meet a woman willing to hold other women up instead of trying to be better than other women. Glad we met to inspire and empower each other! 🙂


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