Torrid – Day #2


Can you find me?

Round two of Torrid’s Grand Opening in Oshawa started early today; out the door by 8 am to stand in line for a free gift card being given out to the first 50 in the lineup. Can you see me perched on my walker? I’m glad I had it with me as we waited for an hour and a half for the cards to be given out and for the store to open at 9:30. We passed the time well getting to know people around us and I gave out business cards promoting my blog. We met one lovely young girl behind us who is a real tribute to her generation; very gentle, well spoken, genuine, intelligent and simply beautiful.


Very long lineup to get a free Torrid gift card!

I was a very good girl today and headed straight for the clearance section where I found a cute pale pink moto jacket, a raglan long sleeve T-shirt and a black purse. After waiting in lines to try on and then to pay for my treasures, I had to do a little happy dance when I was given my total price; $14.97!  Yes, it’s true! My free gift card was for ten dollars, I had twenty dollars in points saved up plus I had filled out an online survey which gives you ten percent off your next purchase so I cleaned up with good sales today. Before clearance the jacket was $80, the purse was $70 and the shirt was $40. It was a wonderful day!!!


And the line continues…

My friend who had never been in a Torrid store before, loved it, so looks like I have a new shopping partner. After shopping, we sat down for lunch and ran in to the nice girl who had been behind us in line. She was with a friend and her sister. They joined us for lunch and we had a great talk about the body positive movement. Looks like I may have gained some new followers today.

I hope to get my haul video out tomorrow so check YouTube to see what I bought this week!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud even in the midst of good sales and grand opening madness! Torrid, you are always worth the wait!



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