What Is A Beautiful Person?

What is a beautiful person? Is it someone with flowing, long blond hair and bright blue eyes? Is beauty found in the model of the cover of a magazine? Is the muscled man working out at the gym beautiful? Is beauty found in the way a person looks or in the way they act?

A person can be beautiful on the outside but if their heart and soul is cold as ice, then their outside beauty is meaningless. To me beauty is found in the words we speak, our thoughts and actions. Beauty is found in the child who helps a friend on the playground. Beauty is found in the stranger at the grocery store who lets the mother with a crying child go in front of them at the check out line. Beauty is in the husband who gives his wife flowers just because or in the boss at work who treats his staff to lunch for a job well done. A grandchild who takes time to visit a grand parent is beautiful. A neighbour who shovels another neighbour’s driveway is beautiful. Someone who gives a stranger a random compliment is beautiful.

Beautiful people are all around us. They are the kind, the generous, the strong, the friendly, the helpful, the sensitive and the thoughtful. Beauty is not defined by size, weight, colour or race. Beauty is defined by the width of your smile and how genuine it is. Beauty is defined by the firmness of your handshake and the promise it holds. Beauty is your character, your personality and your connection to the ones you love.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and believe that beauty comes from within!

How do you define beauty?


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