Happy Anniversary Torrid!

A year ago, my dream came true; Torrid opened its first store in Canada at Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre! Since then Torrid has spread and is soon scheduled to open here in my home city of Oshawa, (imagine squeal of excitement, lol). Torrid has given me, as well as other plus sized fashionistas, the wardrobe we’ve always dreamed of and hoped for. Finally, at age 50 I can dress in the latest trends that are designed to fit my curvy body. All of these things; stripes, distressed denim, off the shoulder blouses, fun graphic T-shirts, beautiful and bold colours, two piece swimsuits, crop tops, tall boots or strappy sandals, are no longer off-limits to a girl with a few lumps and bumps.

I was so excited to attend the Torrid Grand Opening in Toronto a year ago. It was so much fun to shop amongst women who looked like me and to meet bloggers, motivational speakers and models, all working in the body positive industry. That first visit sparked the desire in myself to join these women who inspire me and all plus size women to embrace and love who they are. I’ve made a few (?) trips to Torrid since that first day, to the various other locations that have opened around Greater Toronto Area. The staff have always been very friendly, open and helpful in choosing styles for me to try that flatter my body type. They have encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone with some things and that has helped me to be a better body positive advocate; to encourage and dare other women to try new things.

This weekend Torrid at the Eaton’s Centre is hosting an Anniversary sale so if you are in the GTA this weekend, check it out (see image below for your coupon code)! You might come away with some great new styles to try for Autumn! The offer is also available for online shopping (see image below for coupon code).


I’m saving my shopping money for Torrid’s opening here in Oshawa; maybe you’d care to come out this way to meet up with me on the big day, September 29th!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and have fun shopping for a wardrobe that brings out the fun, flirty and funky woman that you are! Enjoy the pictures below from Torrid’s opening day a year ago!

Ena at Torrid

Me and Torrid Models – Geo (right) and Phil (Left)

Ena goes to Torrid

Me, about to enter shopping heaven!

Ena at torrid

It was so beautiful! The kind of place you want to say “Just give me one of everything!”


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