What Does Your BFF Brag About You?

What does your BFF brag about when she/he talks about you? This might seem like an odd or uncomfortable question. Many of us who deal with low self-esteem or confidence issues would probably first deny that our friends have anything to brag about when they talk about us. We might feel embarrassed or think inside our head that those lovely things they say simply aren’t true; they’re just trying to be nice.

I want all of you my lovely readers to stop that nonsense right now! Your BFF is your friend because they think you are wonderful! Why would they be your friend if there wasn’t qualities about yourself they loved and enjoyed. (If they don’t think you’re fantastic then they aren’t really a friend but that’s a whole other topic.) So the next time a friend starts telling everyone all of your star personality traits, don’t stop them; simply smile and say thank you!

I hope when my friends talk about me they say things like this;

  1. She’s inspiring.
  2. She’s a hard worker.
  3. She overcomes challenges with grace.
  4. She is helpful.
  5. She’s a great mother.
  6. She’s a talented writer.
  7. She makes me feel good about myself.
  8. She’s kind.
  9. She’s generous.
  10. She’s beautiful inside and out.

I try to be these things daily. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail but the important thing is I try. Note that most of these attributes are associated with my character, who I am as a person not my physical looks. I would much rather be known for my good personality then my stunning good looks (Although I think I look pretty good too, lol!)

So Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and attempt to be the kind of person your friends will want to brag about when your name comes up in a conversation. I’m sure you already are!


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