If My Body Could Talk

If your body could speak out loud to you, what would it say? Would it be words of love, kindness and compassion or would it be words of hate, despair and anger?

If my body could talk this is what I think it would say:

“Ena, you’re doing great showing me the love lately. I love the way you look in the mirror when you dress me up and nod your head in approval. I love the words of appreciation you speak to me in the morning when you are just waking up or settling down for bed at night. I love the thoughts in your head or better yet the words spoken aloud that tell everyone I’m beautiful and good enough just as I am. I’m glad you no longer feel the need to change me or force me to be something I’m not. Just a reminder to feed me good food so I can do all the things  you want me to and don’t forget to move me around a little more; I hate when I get stiff and sore from too much sitting! Overall, thank you for accepting, embracing and loving me! You’re the best and I’m so happy you think I’m beautiful when before you didn’t like me at all. That was hurtful and I hope we never have to go through that again!”

Would your body say similar words to you? I hope so! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be mindful of what you do and say to yourself.  Your body is watching and listening and you don’t want to hurt its feelings! Just like you treat a good friend, treat yourself the same way; with love, understanding, kindness and great care!


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