4 Fact Survey

I was tagged by Codie from https://paperbookaddicts.wordpress.com/ to participate in this survey so here we go:

Four Names People Call Me Other Than My Real Name: My name is so short I don’t really have any nicknames, Lol! Other than Mom by my daughter or the occasional term of endearment from my husband, that’s about it.

Four Jobs I’ve Had: I worked at: 1. The Bulk Barn (a bulk food store); 2. Northern Reflections (a women’s clothing store); 3. a daycare; 4. as an elementary school teacher.

Four Movies I’ve watched More Than Once: Mostly kids movies; 1. Lilo and Stitch; 2. Cinderella; 3. Sound of Music; 4. Mary Poppins.

Four Books Or Authors I Recommend: 1. Jodi Piccoult; 2. Nora Roberts; 3. Rosamunde Pilcher; 4. James Patterson.

Four Places I’ve Lived: I’ve only lived in two places; 1. Halifax, N.S.; 2. Oshawa, Ontario. Both are in Canada.

Four Places I’ve Visited: 1. Ireland; 2. Florida, USA; 3. British Columbia, Canada; 4. Manitoba, Canada.

Four Things I’d Rather Being Doing Right Now: Really nothing since I love doing my blog but maybe; 1. Eating dinner; 2. Swimming at a beach in NS; 3. Having a nap; 4. On a plane heading to a fantastic holiday with my hubby and daughter.

Four Foods I Prefer Not To Eat: 1. Seafood; 2) Brussel Sprouts; 3) Tomatoes (allergic); 4. Broccoli.

Four Of My Favourite Foods: 1. Turkey; 2. French Fries; 3. Ice Cream; 4. Fruit Smoothies.

Four TV Shows I Watch: 1. Criminal Minds; 2. Law and Order; 3. Survivor; 4. America’s Got Talent.

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To This Year: 1. Blogging; 2. Attending a body positive course with Miss Plus Canada 2014/15; 3. Going to NS in October; 4. Christmas

I Tag:

  1. https://udtherabbithole.wordpress.com/
  2. https://skinnyandsingle.ca
  3. https://theladyconfidentialblog.wordpress.com/

This was a fun exercise! Thanks again Cody for asking me to do this tag! Good luck to my nominees! Be Pretty, Plus and Proud in all you write!


8 thoughts on “4 Fact Survey

  1. QueenBeefashionista says:

    My mom…my dad…my 5 aunts who call me Chellebug.
    4 jobs I had DQ, Army, Dept of Veteran Affairs, housewife.
    4 movies I watched Ever After, Color Purple, Hulk, Constantine.
    4 authors Maya Angelou, Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway.
    4 places lived Missouri, Florida, NC, NM
    4 thing to be doing Sleeping times 4


  2. QueenBeefashionista says:

    4 places visited South Korea, Japan, Canada, Bahamas.
    4 foods rather not eat Seafood (allergic), hominey, fish, liver.
    4 fav foods 🍌 🍕 tacos 🍦
    4 tv shows I watch Law &Order SVU Cops Kitchen Nightmares, Bar Rescue
    4 things looking forward to Becoming a Super Plus Model, Retiring from the hospital, learning more about Ena, buying a home


    • rfdumais says:

      I think we have a lot in common; foods liked and foods not liked, TV shows and wanting to know more about each other. Hopefully that results in a meeting some day. Thanks for participating in the survey!


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