Ireland Vacation – Post #1

I’m back!! As many of you know my husband, daughter and I went on a two-week holiday to Ireland. We had never been overseas before so just the thought of this vacation had me beyond excited! It was a fabulous holiday and we all absolutely loved the beautiful country of Ireland. It has amazing natural beauty and the people were so incredibly kind and friendly from the taxi drivers to strangers on the street! If you ever have the opportunity to go I highly recommend it as a vacation destination. It was definitely the holiday of a lifetime and not one we’ll soon forget.

This post is the first on a series of vacation highlights. I know it’s not really what my blog is usually about but I want everyone to understand that no matter your size, travelling is doable and should never be put off until you lose twenty pounds or when you’re skinnier. If we lived life that way, I think many of us would spend our whole life at home. Get out and enjoy. Your size does not have to prevent you from seeing the world.

Our first stop was the city of Dublin. I loved Dublin!. Unlike cities here, there were no high rises. The buildings were old and the neighbourhoods were so quaint. It is filled with little pedestrian shopping areas with boutiques and pubs. Like most of Ireland it is filled with history. “Old” does not even begin to describe the age of some of what we saw. We took a “Hop On, Hop Off” tour which allows you to see the city from the top of a double-decker bus. You can get off at any designated spot, tour a particular area and then catch the next bus to continue the ride. It’s a great way to see the highlights of any city but also allows you to explore should you wish to do that too. The weather was a bit misty but nothing we couldn’t handle nor did it prevent us from having a good time. Enjoy the pictures below from the first stop of our two-week exploration of the land of the Irish!


On the plane for our first trip “across the pond”. It was a long six and a half hour flight!


I loved all the colourful doors, decorative window tresses and beautiful window boxes!


This library found at Trinity College is home to some of the oldest books in the world! I was awed by the architecture and the history this room holds!


Dublin Castle was magnificent both inside and out! It gave me goosebumps thinking about the stories hidden within the walls of a place so old!


The interior beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral!


Driving on the left hand side took some getting used to as well as the narrow roads of many of the villages we drove through. I’m glad I wasn’t the pilot. Being co-pilot was nerve wrecking enough, lol!

Thus concludes my first installment. I hope you will enjoy this little series. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and explore the world! There’s so much to see!


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