Plans For The New Year Ahead!

I began my journey in the blogging world one year ago in September. When I started it was meant as a little project to keep myself busy since my daughter was entering high school and didn’t seem to need me as much. I quickly learned that this “little” project was more than something to do. It had become a passion.

I wanted to be happy with my body instead of always trying to change it. I was tired of the battle and exhausted by self loathing. Writing about being body positive actually helped me to become body positive. It helped me to accept, embrace and love who I was. A lot of those feelings were reinforced by you, my followers. The love and support I have received has overwhelmed me with happiness and gratitude. People who say I am an inspiration to them fills my heart and I am so very happy that I can make a difference in someone’s life.

As women, we are so used to the feeling that we have to compete with each other. We are constantly bombarded with images that reinforce feelings that we are not good enough. The single most important thing the body positive movement has done for women is to bring them together. It has united women in a cause of love; love and support for each other and love of ourselves. It has been an exciting opportunity to be a part of this through my blog, connecting with like-minded women and groups on other social media platforms and in life through events like Curvy Expo.

I’ve met some amazing women, many of whom I now call friends. They have inspired me to continue my journey and find ways to expand and touch more lives. This thought leads me into my ideas for September which for me marks the beginning of a new year. When my husband goes back to work (he’s a teacher) and my daughter is back in school, it is time for me to make plans.

My Plans:

  1. Contact the local library about doing a motivational speaking event. They are often looking for these types of activities to include in their events calendar and often do free advertising on the local TV station.
  2. I’ve decided I want to take my blog posts and somehow put them together for a book outline.
  3. I want to attend more live events and hope to make it to Curvy Con 2017 in New York City. Anyone want to come with me?
  4. I’m going to focus on expanding my Body Positive Support group idea or perhaps changing it into more of a course either a live group or through Facebook or email.
  5. Continue to write my blog and stay in contact with followers on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook groups.

I think that should fill up a year until next September don’t you?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and always look ahead to what exciting plans the future may hold for you!



2 thoughts on “Plans For The New Year Ahead!

  1. Aprille says:

    I’ve read a few of your posts now and LOVE what you’re up to. In addition you are an eloquent writer which makes it a pleasure to read. All the best with those plans. The world needs a lot voices like yours. You model your call to action perfectly by being pretty,plus and proud! Thank you for leading out.


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