Starting The Body Positive Journey

I see this question asked to body positive advocates all the time, “Where did you find the inspiration to be body positive/love yourself?”

I thought I would answer this question in respect to my journey. I think the single biggest influence in me becoming more body positive is through watching other body positive advocates share their stories. I won’t lie, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube, reading blogs and posts from women around the globe who are not ashamed of their bodies. Quite the opposite, they boldly show pictures of themselves and share their struggles, challenges, defeats and victories when it comes to accepting and loving who they are. Gradually after watching so many women, who, like myself are tired of the diet yo-yo, I began to believe that maybe my body is okay just as it is. I began to entertain the possibility that I didn’t need to change my shape to be happy.

Now, approximately a year after beginning the journey to be body positive, I can say that 90% of the time I am quite happy with who I am. Writing my blog, doing research for my posts and sharing my stories, thoughts and opinions has helped me to be a more confident version of me. Not everyone, even the most famous of body advocates, are happy 100% of the time. That would be perfection and as humans, perfection is not in our DNA.

So if you are struggling with your body image, are unhappy every time you look in the mirror or simply can’t think of a single thing to love about yourself, take the time to look up some videos, blogs or images on Instagram that I promise will inspire and motivate you to find the beauty that you are.

Listed below are some of the women who have inspired me in various social media platforms;

  1. Queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram
  2. Jennifer from Lady Luck Pinups and Photography and Studio (met her at Curvy Expo, fabulous woman who exudes joy)
  3. Sarah Taylor, Miss Plus Canada 2014/2015 (met her at Curvy Expo as well)
  4. Jewelz Mazzei, model and body positive advocate
  5. Ophilia Alleyne, model, motivational speaker
  6. Jessica Biffi, clothing designer, speaker and advocate
  7. Meghan Bradley, model, advocate, the brainchild of Curvy Expo
  8.  Brandi Brown (She Natural), refers herself as a happiness vendor
  9. Cynthia Ramsay-Noel, blogger and writer
  10. Amanda Williams, blogger

These women are only a small sampling of who is out there spreading the word that big is just as beautiful as any other size. You don’t have to be any thing other than who you want to be. Your opinion is the only one that matters. You only have to change if you truly want to or if it’s necessary for health reasons. Other than that, you’re fine just as you are!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and look for inspiration if you can’t find it from within. It’s out there if you have the courage to look! Maybe reading this post is all you need to get started on the road to body happiness. I am honoured to be part of that journey.


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