Travelling Plus Size

Travelling as a plus size person can be a daunting task. Will the airplane seat be big enough? Will my accommodations be sufficiently large enough that I can move around comfortably? Am I going to a place where the plus size body isn’t celebrated?

It can be a little more work planning a vacation as a plus size person but not impossible. Nor should your size ever prevent you from making exciting travel plans. You deserve to see the world as much as anybody.

For airplane seats, I have no trouble fitting in to regular class seating. However, if you want something roomier perhaps look into first class. It may cost you a little more but at least you’ll be travelling in comfort. When booking a hotel room ask for a room with a queen or king size bed so you’ll sleep comfortably. Also ask about a walk in shower so you can bathe without worrying about getting in and out of a small tub.

As for where you go and their views on plus size bodies, take the attitude of who cares! Just like at home it is none of their business. Tell them to take a picture if their stare becomes uncomfortable. Lighten the awkwardness with humour.

Wear comfortable, cool clothing for touring about. Longer underwear is readily available to avoid chub rub if you like dresses. Otherwise shorts, flowy T-shirts and leggings are comfortable, lightweight options unless you’re going to Alaska or somewhere cold, lol!

Most importantly remember it is your down time, your vacation away from the mundane every day of your life so do whatever you can to make it fun and seriously, don’t give a second thought to what people are thinking about you!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and never be afraid to step out of the house and see the wonderful world around you!


I didn’t give a care who saw my plus size body sitting in the sand. The ocean was too hard to resist to worry about close minded opinions of plus size women wearing bathing suits!


6 thoughts on “Travelling Plus Size

  1. Aishwarya says:

    Absolutely!!! Pretty plus and proud is the way to be!! 🙂 And why should anyone have a problem with your body? You should definitely not be cutting down on the travel plans because of the people who don’t matter anyways 😀


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