The Mother/Daughter Thing!

When my girl was little, it was easy to be together. I loved getting on the floor and playing with Barbie dolls or Build A Bears. We played Teacher (she being the teacher and I being the student). We did crafts, tea parties, colouring, board games, puzzles and hopscotch. We went to the playground and enjoyed all the Princess movies.

Now at fifteen, it’s not always so easy to relate to each other. My husband is the one whose good with teenagers. I miss the “little girl” days but I am slowly learning to adapt and find new ways we can enjoy each others company. A few days ago we went for hair appointments together. Sometimes we go for pedicures/manicures, brow waxing and the occasional shopping trip (she’s not a huge fan of shopping, nothing like her mother).

I work hard at letting her know she can talk to me about anything and I try to be non-judgemental and give advice or my opinions if asked for them. I didn’t have that kind of relationship with my mother so I want something more open with my daughter. I tell her all the time how much I love her and how proud I am of her. She’s a good girl and I let her know I take nothing for granted; that I appreciate all she does to help me and make our home a happy one. She’s not perfect but I feel very blessed to have a child who is smart, kind, level-headed, works hard, is helpful, is talented in so many ways and is a beautiful young woman inside and out.

Watching her grow up has not been easy for me. It seems like the time went so fast between babyhood and teenager. Slowly, though, I think we are building a new kind of relationship. I can’t stop her from growing so I might as well suck it up, lol. I try to take the perspective that I must have done something right in the parenting department to be the mother of such a wonderful young lady.

So I leave you with this thought; if you have children, enjoy every single minute. Do not wish for another time in the future when you think things will be easier or better. That some day will come and then you’ll wish for time to go backwards. Every age has its struggles but also its rewards. Learning to see the rewards may be difficult but worth the time to look.

Our day out was a good day with my girl! I feel Pretty, Plus and Proud to be her Mom!

11 thoughts on “The Mother/Daughter Thing!

  1. Symphony E says:

    That’s nice you guys always spent time together when she was younger. By the way I nominated you for the wisteria writer’s challenge.


  2. Suzanne Gunter McClendon says:

    You are so right in that final paragraph! The song, “You’re Gonna Miss This” always makes me a bit misty because he’s right. You’re going to want the time back. It just goes by way too fast. Our “baby” girls are now 21 and 25 and our “baby” boys are 22 and 30. The worries don’t go away as they get older; they just grow up with them. Enjoy every minute of it. That ‘tomorrow’ that they say never comes, it comes much too quickly!
    Have a blessed week. 🙂


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