Quote Challenge

I have been invited to participate in a 3 day quote challenge by Shannon whose blog by the way (http://www.retirizing.wordpress.com/ ) is a fantastic read! Thanks Shannon for nominating me to be a part of this challenge. I appreciate the support!

The Rules:

  1. Post one quote a day for three days.
  2. A theme each day would be nice but not necessary.
  3. Nominate three blogs to pick up the challenge and pass on.
  4. Don’t forget to let nominees know on their blog.

My Nominees:

  1. https://alivefreeandhappee.wordpress.com/
  2. https://camelliascottage.com
  3. https://skinnyandsingle.ca

My Quote for Day 1:

“One does not walk into the forest and accuse the tress of being off-center. Nor do they visit the shore and call the waves imperfect. So why do we look at ourselves this way?”

  • Tao Te Ching

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and do not see yourself as imperfect; rather as uniquely beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Quote Challenge

  1. retirizer says:

    Oh, I love this! What a great quote. Thanks for participating, I’m heading out to visit your nominees. They look like great ones and I’m excited to check them out.


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