Travel Tales – Part 7

As you’ve seen in my most recent posts, Halifax and its surrounding area is rich in history, culture, traditions, natural beauty and even architecture. As you tour the city you are a witness to a mixture of both old and new. Whether you are a lover of all things modern or prefer a more antique look, Halifax can fill either of these preferences. Enjoy the selection of pictures below that didn’t make the cut to previous posts but are still beautiful enough to share:


Nova Scotia’s flag (sorry it’s a little blurry!).


The waterfront at night with the bridge in the background and the reflection of the city lights on the water.


The bandstand in the Halifax Public Gardens which often hosts Sunday afternoon concerts.


The new Halifax Public Library; amazing award worthy design!


A piece of the top floor of the new library that seems suspended in air!


The rooftop garden and cafe of the new library with a beautiful view of the harbour!


An example of the older architecture in the city; this particular building houses Halifax’s best place to buy handcrafted souvenirs.


A bagpiper, wearing Nova Scotia’s tartan, playing some traditional East Coast music at Peggy’s Cove .

As my vacation in NS draws to a close I am naturally sad it’s over and I hate to leave this place, my “Home of My Heart”.  I take comfort in knowing I’ll be back again and in the mean time I have some beautiful pictures and memories to hold on to until next time. Visit this website for more on Nova Scotia’s sights to not be missed should you ever plan a holiday in Canada’s ocean playground:

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t let anything stand in the way of enjoying the beautiful summer season. I sure didn’t!


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