Travel Tales – Part 6


Peggy’s Cove, NS, Canada


Saturday my hubby and I took off to visit one of my favourite places in NS, Peggy’s Cove. It’s a place I go to every year without fail and every year the beauty of it brings tears to my eyes. Part of the reason for that is, it is the first place my Dad took my Mom to see when she visited NS for the first time. They met in Manitoba so my Mom was used to the prairies and not rocks and the crash of waves. She too continued to visit Peggy’s Cove yearly after she married my Dad and made NS her home. Like me, she never tired of the view. Since her passing away and because she loved the place so much, I feel close to her when I sit on the rocks and gaze out at the ocean.


Maggie and I posing in front of the lighthouse!

The other reason for the tears is simply the beauty of the rock formations and the view of a seemingly never-ending ocean. Being in Ontario, the ocean is one of the things I miss the most; the mysteries of its deep blue water, the mighty roar of the crash of waves and its majestic power. It is quite simply one of the most beautiful things in all the world. My daughter asked me recently that if I could live anywhere in the world other than North America, where would I live. My answer was a simple one, anywhere as long as it’s close to the ocean.


Peggy’s Cove, the land of rocks!

While we were there we enjoyed watching a bride getting her wedding pictures done; in all the years of going to Peggy’s Cove I’ve never seen this done. It would be a very beautiful and unique spot for wedding pictures. It was a surprisingly warm and calm day; unusual for Peggy’s Cove where the temperature usually drops to a comfortable coolness and the ocean crashes against the rocks. All was calm and quiet for our visit. There were lots of people admiring this well-known place also considered one of the most photographed treasures in the world. For more information of the history of Peggy’s Cove check out the website


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and get out to admire and enjoy some of the wonders of nature where you live or vacation this summer!


Me surrounded by the beauty of rock and water!


A whale watching tour boat heading out to sea!


6 thoughts on “Travel Tales – Part 6

  1. retirizer says:

    I too am an ocean girl. My Mom, sister and I used to go every year and my husband and I continued to take her with us every year until she passed. I understand how it makes you feel closer to your Mama, as I feel that way too. I talk to her as I walk the beach and can almost feel her holding my hand as she used to do when we walked there. Thank you for sharing Peggy’s Cove. It looks wonderful. Wish we were closer.


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